UTSC is Back!

Hello to all, 

As it turns out, UTSC had basically died out in the past few months. A lot of the admins had quite a lot of work due in real life, so our sincere apologies for dying out on you guys! 

Regardless, I'm excited to announce that in a month's time, nearly all of our admins will be back and active! With this, I tell you guys, be prepared for the next installment of Sr8-Tourney, Summer 2014! Would .net hold its place and score a hastrick? or will another team come in and snatch away their "Sr8 Champ" title from them? 

Should we change the Sr8 Tourney a bit? (Feel free to comment further requests concerns)

Sr8 + pistol
0% (0 votes)
Sr8 + Spas
13% (2 votes)
Sr8 + nades
31% (5 votes)
Different game mode than TS
13% (2 votes)
Keep the way it is
44% (7 votes)
Total votes: 16

Management Changes

Please DO NOT contact site admins or league admins for day to day questions and problems relating to events or matches.

Hello all, sorry for yelling at you in the first line, but I wanted that point to be viewed by everyone as they visit the front page. 


UTSC is now openly recruiting for 3 positions. 

We are in need of Referees, Broadcasters, and Announcers. 

Referees should be experienced in league administration and have the time and willingness to mediate disputes and keep a close eye on events and teams' adherence to the rules.  Referee applicants should list previous experience, location and time zone, and other relevant data.