CTF 1 Playoff

As many teams have dropped out of the ctf tourney after joining it, we will be combining the active teams from Div 1 and Div 2 for a play off. 

This means, lose at this stage and you are out! So get ready for some extreme action! :) 

Good luck to all!

Should we change the Sr8 Tourney a bit? (Feel free to comment further requests concerns)

Sr8 + pistol
0% (0 votes)
Sr8 + Spas
13% (2 votes)
Sr8 + nades
31% (5 votes)
Different game mode than TS
13% (2 votes)
Keep the way it is
44% (7 votes)
Total votes: 16


Welcome all, the CTF1 Divisions are posted! 

The teams have been split into two divisions, each having its own sub groups. The groupings can be seen HERE

Round 1- Feb 5 ~ Feb 16 (21:00 HRS GMT)

Round 2- Feb 12 ~ Feb 23 (21:00 HRS GMT)

Round 3- Feb 19 ~ March 2 (21:00 HRS GMT)

After the groupstage, there will be playoffs for both divisions, lose in the play offs, and you are out. 

Management Changes

Please DO NOT contact site admins or league admins for day to day questions and problems relating to events or matches.

Hello all, sorry for yelling at you in the first line, but I wanted that point to be viewed by everyone as they visit the front page.